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About Gainesville Physical Therapy

About Gainesville Physical Therapy

If you have a commitment to your recovery our treatment team will work with you to produce results that are second to none. Today most health care is driven by numbers and quotas. At Gainesville Physical Therapy we don't treat numbers, we believe that healing results from a personal, supportive relationship. Toward this end our office staff will work with you to meet your schedule, our therapists will give you hands-on, personal attention during every visit and we will continue to support you until your recovery is complete.

Gainesville Physical Therapy
Gainesville Physical Therapy is not your typical physical therapy clinic. Here, every patient receives personalized attention during each visit with a hands-on treatment program that has been carefully tailored to their specific needs and physical condition. Recovery from injury or surgery can be a difficult and trying process. We believe that the supportive relationship we establish with our patients, combined with our expertise in the treatment of physical ailments and pain relief, is responsible for the extraordinary outcomes that we routinely see. Our facility is fully equipped to provide a comprehensive spectrum of treatment modalities for all orthopaedic conditions to improve mobility, strength, balance and pain relief.

Mission Statement
“It is the mission of Gainesville Physical Therapy to facilitate healing through improving motion and physical functionality. It is our goal to enable every patient the opportunity to return to an active lifestyle by providing emotional support, hands-on personalized attention, and customized care.  As the leader of our industry, we strive to treat every patient with the utmost respect, care, and integrity.”

Our Team
Our specialists are well trained to treat a multitude of physical ailments. Each of our therapists has received advanced post-graduate training in body mechanics; anatomy and the complex relationships between muscle and bone which support motion in every part of the body. We are trained in the most effective treatment modalities to provide you with the best possible outcome in your rehabilitation.

We are also on the cutting edge of research into improving the treatment and recovery of low back and pelvic pain. We have presented several papers at the International World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Pain and continue to conduct our own research.