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There’s plenty of reason for my joyful smile when sitting between the two caregivers at Gainesville Physical Therapy who helped me recover from my March 3 total knee replacement surgery for my right leg. Jeff Skorput sits to my right and Ree Hyatt to my left.

My rigorous regimen with GPT started on March 20 and continued until June 10, totaling 22 sessions. Each session lasted 90 minutes. Between appointments, I spent numerous hours at home performing exercises and stretches they assigned me. Having followed their recovery plan that long, I applaud their place, people, program, and the progress they helped me make.

Bill Lampton, Ph.D.


I just wanted to say thanks to you for getting me on the correct path and helping me get rid of my pain. If I had only done this months ago ... but I didn't. The book was good for reinforcement. Keep up the good work! My best to you all and your family. Thanks!


Thanks for all your help and encouragement during my therapy. Had it not been for you and Bill being so patient with me I guess I would have given up; but your encouraging words made a difference. Thanks again for all your help.


For years you both have given me such loving care and attention for which I will be eternally grateful. I hope possibly I will be well enough with my back to be less of a burden, but I also realize that you all will still be a wonderful part of my life.

Thank you and I want you to know that your whole office staff and environment reflect your internal goodness and grace and that is saying a lot in today's world. Love to You All.


I came to Gainesville Physical Therapy with impaired balance and coordination. There were many things I liked about the physical therapy experience. The staff is very patient focused and the therapist was with me at all times. All therapists, especially Darren, are very kind,sweet, and compassionate. All were very encouraging and interested in what I had to say. Darren gave me hope and emotional support through my recovery. Gainesville Physical Therapy far exceeds any rehab experience I have had anywhere else. It was an excellent experience and I really looked forward to going to physical therapy.


After spending a fortune on chiropractic and massage visits, I found myself at Gainesville Physical Therapy with Therapist Vicki Sims looking for low back and sacral pain relief. As a mother of five children and a Geriatric Physical Therapist, my back hindered all aspects of my life. Within a few visits, Vicki had decreased my pain significantly and had taught me how to “Treat my Own Back”. No longer was I dependent on someone else to align me or massage my pain away; I could treat myself and I was FREE! I will forever be grateful to Vicki for giving me back the ability to be the Mom and the Physical Therapist that I desire to be. Now I refer my patients to Gainesville Physical Therapy.


I arrived at Gainesville Physical Therapy with the diagnosis of a defective sacroiliac joint. I liked how friendly the staff has been and was treated by Jeff and Sarah. My back problems have significantly improved. And I intend to continue my therapy. 


I saw Kristy at Gainesville Physical Therapy after rotator cuff and bicep surgery. Kristy is the BEST!!! She is passionate about physical therapy and her patients. She is interested in the best recovery and outcome for her patients. Everyone at Gainesville Physical Therapy is interested in caring for their patients. It’s nice to be greeted with smiles and kind words from the waiting room until I leave the building.


After having back surgery, I completed my post-op rehab at Gainesville Physical Therapy. All of the therapists and staff were professional, personal, and patient. Darren was my physical therapist. He identified a balance issue and addressed the problem by giving me excellent exercises. Darren goes above and beyond to ensure safety and minimize health risks all while continuing to provide challenges. All concerned were kept fully informed of my carefully monitored progress.


I had a very positive experience at Gainesville Physical Therapy after being referred by my physician. All of the therapists are very professional and my pain has been reduced and is under managed care.


After rotator cuff surgery I came to Gainesville Physical Therapy for shoulder rehabilitation. The office staff is great and caring! From the beginning of my treatment Darren was my therapist. He is outstanding, intelligent, and had a great amount of respect and care for all of his patients. Darren always made sure that I understood how exercises were to be preformed and how far I could push my level of treatment. He was in contact with my physician and their office and was prepared to go on my first day at GPT. I would, and have, recommended seeing Darren to many people. In my opinion, he has great expertise in his field and goes far and beyond the call of duty.


A friend recommend Gainesville Physical Therapy after I suffered a spinal injury. There, I received very personal attention as I progressed toward recovery. The staff was very pleasant and family-style oriented. My therapist, Joanne, had lots of experience and knew what she was doing and what to recommend. Through easy back and forth dialogue she explained to me my injury and why specific exercises and treatments were needed. Joanne took the necessary time needed and helped me to recover from a very serious and limiting injury to a surprising recovery


I arrived at Gainesville Physical Therapy to improve upon leg and knee strength in order to improve walking. During my first visit, the problems and what could be done to fix the problems were explained so I then knew what to expect and what would be done during my visits to GPT. My therapist was Darren, who also showed me exercises to do at home on my own and explained clearly the ways and benefits of doing home therapy. Everyone at Gainesville Physical Therapy is very friendly and nice, which makes going to physical therapy a pleasant experience.



Thanks to you and your staff for the friendly and professional experience I received during the treatment of my shoulder. I know it was a slow process, but it was successful. I am now almost as good as new. All of you made me feel comfortable and “at home” at each visitIf I ever need physical therapy in the future, I will be back!

Thanks again!


Dear Joanne and Vicki,

This is an incredibly hard letter to write. You have been an important part of a very long and hard journey with Madison and our entire family. I am not sure where to begin so I will start with our first encounter with your office.

Madi had been hospitalized once again for severe back pain and was in bad condition. The neurosurgeon treating her said he saw no reason for the severity of her pain and told us he was trying to think outside of the box. He told us it was unlikely but there was a condition called SI Joint Dysfunction that she may be suffering from. He told us about a therapist in Gainesville who specializes in diagnosing the condition and recommended us to get Madi an appointment as soon as we could. She was discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair and was prescribed a hospital bed for home which she could not even get in or out of on her own.

I immediately called your office and was expecting to have to wait 4-6 weeks to get her in. After explaining her situation I was asked if I could have her there at 4pm that day. Imagine my surprise. I told the receptionist that she was in a lot of pain and would have a hard time making the car ride and sitting for a very long time. I was told that there would be a room that she could go into to lie down as soon as we arrived. You have no idea what a difference that little bit of kindness made to us.

We were told that we would be seeing Joanne and we were very nervous. Madi had already been through two major surgeries and the doctors were now at a loss for her continued pain. We felt like this was our last hope. IT is terribly conflicting to want everything to be normal with your child but pray someone finds something wrong so that her suffering can end.

Joanne was so kind and gentle with Madi. She knew Madison was in a lot of pain and did everything she could to make the exam tolerable. She confirmed Madi did have SI Joint Dysfunction and it was severe. She explained the protocol for treating the problem, but explained because of the severity of her situation she wanted Madi to see Vicki also. We felt relief that this was finally the answer, but were scared to see Vicki for two reasons. We were both afraid that she would say Madi did not have this condition and we would be back to square one. We also fell in love with Joanne immediately and just knew we would not be as comfortable with anyone else.

Of course you all know that we fell in love with Vicki just as quickly. Your patients are very blessed to have two such compassionate, kind and loving people working together to improve their quality of life. Vicki confirmed Madi’s diagnosis and after 6 weeks of therapy she had surgery. I remember Vicki asking me how many physical therapy visits Madi was allowed because she was going to need several after surgery. I told her I wasn’t sure but I would check. She said don’t worry about it. We will see her through this even if you run out. I am still amazed by that every time I think about it. It shows how much you truly care about your patients.

Madi is at the end of her journey with all of you. You have had an unbelievable impact on her life. When we first came to you she could not even get out of bed by herself. Now she is driving to her appointments with you, going back to school next semester, and it has been such a joy for us to see her get to go out with her friends and laugh again.

I also want to point out what a wonderful staff you have. They always took such good care of Madi. When she was in pain she was never made to sit in the waiting room. They always made a point of taking her right back and helped her get as comfortable as possible. Everyone was always so nice and even though there were difficult she looked forward to seeing everyone. I remember crying the first time she came in walking after the surgery and everyone clapped for her. You have all been so kind.

I have thought often about wanting to give you all a gift to show your our thanks, but what do you give someone who gave your daughter’s life back to her. There is nothing big enough or special enough other than our thanks. We owe you both more than we could ever repay. We love you all and are so grateful that God placed you in our lives. If there is ever anything we can do for you please let us know.

With heartfelt thanks,